An Awesome Awning

The library is sporting a new front awning thanks in part to a grant from the Kingman County Economic Development Facade Program.  With the matching grant funds we’ll also replace our book drop with a through-the-wall book chute. That project should be getting underway very soon.  We’ll keep you posted!

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Coming Soon

You may have noticed there’s something missing at your public library in recent days.  That’s because we’re preparing to make some important additions! Here’s some of what’s happening:

The front awning—It’s missing! Yes, and it looks sort of odd now, but it’s going to look really great very soon because we’re getting a new one. 

The company that made our awning is no longer in business. While we’ve been fortunate to have willing volunteers to help make needed repairs, this effort is becoming increasingly difficult, so the library board decided to take advantage of a wonderful grant opportunity in Kingman County–the Kingman County Façade Improvement Program. 

On Oct. 6th we applied for help to purchase and install a new front awning AND through-the-wall book drop. On Oct 11th we received notification that our projects were approved and that we could proceed with the work.

The Façade Grant is a 50% matching grant. Leslie Schrag, Kingman County Economic Development Director, offered a lot of encouragement and helped guide us through the application process. We’re grateful to Ms. Schrag for this help, and to Kingman County and The City of Cunningham for approving these projects. Both will be completed before the end of the year.

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New Look – New Network

Upon first glance when you enter the library, you’ll notice a slight new arrangement of computer stations and shelving.  The purpose of that move was to open things up a bit and give patrons more space for small groups and browsing.

What isn’t evident when you enter the library is the newly refurbished technology network installed and tested by a team of technology specialists from South Central Kansas Library System (SCKLS).

Working behind-the-scenes, the network is busy directing the library’s patron/staff WiFi, printers and phone through a network security device called a firewall.

Most of us don’t have an in-depth understanding of what all that means, nor could we evaluate our own technology needs and design a network to facilitate (and protect) those needs. That’s why having  safe, efficient computer access at your public library is so important. We’ve got you! Or rather, SCKLS has you.

SCKLS technology service helps member libraries such as ours stay up-to-date and prepare for future needs by offering  support, training, and grants. That means a safe, secure computer experience for our patrons–an immensely valuable service we do not wish to take for granted.

And, with funding from a matching Automation Grant from SCKLS, we’ll soon be replacing a desktop computer and adding a Chrombox to our patron computer station.

We’ll keep you posted!


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“You’ve got a friend in me”

Randy Newman’s song, “You’ve got a friend in me,” featured in the popular movie, Toy Story, helped inspire an activity with  27 Cunningham 2nd and 3rd grade students and their teachers here at the library recently. We worked on items for a care package for eight-year-old twin boys in Illinois who are going through a tough time. During part of our time together we used old check-out cards to make a catalog of friends. A picture on the back of each card added a personal touch. The “card catalog” is an empty tea box that we repurposed using masking tape, crayons, and a few simple office supplies. We had a great time together and even read a couple of books. Mostly we hope Cooper and Luke have received their package and feel supported by their friends here in The Sunflower State. Visit us on facebook for more about the afternoon.
A big thank-you to Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Ricke and Kylee and especially to the big-hearted 2nd and 3rd graders at CGS.

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Visit your library to see what’s new and take part in the celebration. Libraries across the United States are participating. Do you have friends who don’t have a library card? Invite them to sign up during September.
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