Earth Day is Every Day

Please keep batteries, CDs/CD cases, pen and markers out of the landfill.  Bring those unwanted items to the library to be recycled.

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Body as Home, Body as Poem

Wyatt Townley, Poet Laureate of Kansas Emerita, will give a poetry reading at 7:00 p.m. on May 1, 2019 at Cunningham Public Library, 105 N. Main St, in Cunningham. The event is sponsored by Cunningham Public Library.

Townley will explore poetry and the body as place—as our mobile home—leading from room to room, from trauma to revelation. She will read from her new book, Rewriting the Body, as well as the work of others on the theme.

“Whitman called the body a poem,” says Townley, “and it’s more than a metaphor. We’re standing in the midst of creation. We rewrite the poem of the body with every breath we take.”

Poet and critic H. L. Hix says, “Her poems don’t feel written on the reader’s body, they feel written within it.”

That’s no surprise. Formerly a dancer and now a yoga teacher, Townley has published books on both subjects. She is the founder of Yoganeticsâ, a therapeutic system developed over decades of teaching, now practiced on six continents. Her book on the method, Yoganetics (HarperCollins), was selected an Editor’s Choice by Yoga Journal.

These days, Townley says her two paths of poetry and poetry-in-motion have fused. “I write often on the theme of body-as-home, and I teach yoga as a means of achieving a poetic state. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all poetry.”

Townley’s award-winning books include four collections of poems: Rewriting the Body, The Breathing Field, Perfectly Normal, and The Afterlives of Trees, a Kansas Notable Book and winner of the Nelson Award.

Her work has been read on NPR, featured in “American Life in Poetry,” and published in journals including The Paris Review, Nimrod, North American Review, Pleiades, New Letters, Prairie Schooner, The Common, and The Yale Review.

In her two-year term as Kansas poet laureate, she edited a syndicated poetry column, “HomeWords,” and travelled 10,000 miles giving programs across the state.

Her mission remains two-fold: to bring people home to poetry and poetry home to people.

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Citizen Science

Citizen science is a way for the average person to do real “help answer the big questions” science. Citizen science: Chandra Clarke at TEDxChanthamKent – TEDx Talks, published March 14, 2014.

What is Citizen Science?

Global Big Day—4 May 2019

Last May, more than 30,000 people took to fields and forests around the world, noting more than 7,000 species in a single day—Global Big Day. Birding’s biggest day is coming back. Wherever you are in the world, you can be a part of birding’s next world record!

On 4 May, will you join more than 30,000 others and become a part of Global Big Day? You don’t have to commit to birding for 24 hours—an hour or even 10 minutes of watching birds makes you part of the team. Visit your favorite spot or search out someplace new; enjoy a solo walk or get some friends to join in the Global Big Day fun.



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Holiday Closings

January 1, 2019 – New Year’s Day

January 21, 2019 – Martin Luther King Day

February 18, 2019 – President’s Day

May 27, 2019 – Memorial Day

July 4, 2019 – Independence Day

September 2, 2019 – Labor Day

October 14, 2019- Columbus Day

November 11, 2019 – Veteran’s Day

November 28, 2019 – Thanksgiving Day

December 24, 2019 – Christmas Eve

December 25, 2019 – Christmas Day

December 26, 2019 – Day After Christmas

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